Mix of the month - Alleys of Your Mind

Making mixes is my favorite hobby, every month (or so) I'm planning to post one up. This first installment I did over the summer to give to friends, basically trying to smoosh a bunch of post-punk, hip-hop and old-school electronic bizness into one big ball. At the time I was really feeling Tim Sweeney's RVNG MX3 and the way it jumped from Tones on Tail to Radiohead to Grace Jones while still keeping the same groove, so I wanted to throw in as many genres as possible.

Alleys of Your Mind


1. Words From Brother Dave
2. Mark-Almond - "The City (Taxi to Brooklyn)"
3. Stephen Mallinder - "Del Sol"
4. Neu - "Negativland"
5. Flying Lizards - "Her Story"
6. LCD Soundsystem - "Yr City's a Sucker"
7. Just-Ice - "Cold Gettin' Dumb"
8. Big Daddy Kane - "Long Live the Kane"

9. How + Why - ? (black label)
10. Laser Cowboys - "Ultrawarp (Chase Mix)"
11. Laid Back - "White Horse"
12. Jonzun Crew - "Space Is the Place (Inst.)"
13. ESG - "Moody (Spaced Out)"
14. Black Devil Disco Club - "H Friend"
15. Liquid Liquid - "Flextone (Twitch's Optimo Edit)"
16. Frank de Wulf - "Magic Orchestra"

17. New Order - "Confusion (808 State Acid Mix)"
18. Hashim - "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)"
19. Cybotron - "Alleys of Your Mind"
20. Essit Muzique - "Essit Muzique 1 (Coral + Smagghe's Kill the DJ Edit)"
21. Out Hud - "One Life to Leave (A Requiem)"
22. Tricky Disco - "Tricky Disco"
23. Audion - "The Pong"
24. Hugo Montenegro - "Theme From 'Valley of the Dolls'"