Fuzz and static for winter daze

Started reading Jim Greer's Guided by Voices: A Brief History. The introductory list by Steven Soderbergh is funny ("27. 'Chicken Blows'? Holy shit."). I also got the Electrifying Conclusion four-hour DVD, which will be fun some night when I'm drunk. But today it's January and rainy, so instead of the high-kicking Who-fan GBV I want the basement four-track GBV.

Guided by Voices - "Indian Was an Angel"

Guided by Voices - "Liar's Tale"

Peter Laughner, Take the Guitar Player For a Ride (Tim/Kerr 1993)
Early Pere Ubu member, Cleveland legend, guitar god, Dylan and Lou Reed fanatic ...

Peter Laughner - "Baudelaire"

Friendsound, Joyride (RCA 1969)
Weirdo syke rock reportedly perpetrated by members of Paul Revere and the Raiders in their off hours. Actually it's hard to tell whether the band is called "Friendsound" or "Joyride" but googly evidence points to the former. Saw this album on one of the Friday artists' lists on Dusted and ran into the reissue of it the same afternoon. It's fate, I tell ya.

Friendsound - "Joyride"

Friendsound - "Childhood's End"