Cinderella, Cinderella (Sunshine 197?)
I know very little about this Filipino pop record that I found at a yard sale in Virginia Beach a few years ago (probably purchased overseas during someone's stint in the Navy, I'm guessing). A google search doesn't even reveal what year it came out, although there's a brief mention of the group in this bare-bones wiki on "The Manila Sound" ("Manila sound is styled as a light pop music in 'taglish' language characterized by 'juvenile lyrics' and, not infrequently, by 'swardspeak' (aka 'gayspeak,' i.e. homosexual slang) recast as novelty, comedy or satire.") At any rate I keep coming back to this album for its smooth '70s pop and mellowed-out vibe.

Cinderella - "Ikaw Ang Idol Ko"

Cinderella - "Likaw Tingin"

Cinderella - "'T.L.' Ako Sa 'Yo"