33/45 on WFMU

Jean-Claude Vannier

I taped a radio show for WFMU's Listener Hour, you can hear it from 9 to 10 a.m. Saturday or download it from the station's archives after it airs:

Live streaming audio

Archives (mp3 / RealAudio)


Soft Machine - "Down the Road"
Lord Buckley - "The Subconscious Mind"
Donovan - "Tangier"
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "18 Is Over the Hill"
The Byrds - "Natural Harmony"
The Heads - "Land of the Stoned Soul"
Bo Hansson - "The Black Riders"
Wings - "Venus and Mars"
Alan Parsons Project - "I, Robot"
Ganymed - "Future World"
Papa Michigan and General Smiley - "One Love Jamdown"
Cymande - "Genevieve"
Iron Butterfly - "Soul Experience"
Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - "Electric Bananas"
Jean-Claude Vannier - "L'enfant au royaume des mouches"

I'll go back later and add some comments for each track. Thanks for listening!