Bonus beats - Quick Mix Vol. 1

Since the site is brand-new I want to clear the decks of some tracks from the past few months before they feel too out-of-date. This mix is just five songs, about 25 minutes, and to me it has a wistful end-of-summer vibe mainly because of the !!! song, a great Magnetic Fields cover. Between "Take Ecstasy With Me" and "Strange Powers," which I tracked down after hearing it in Jonathan Caouette's strange and sad autobiographical film Tarnation, I've been on a serious Mag. Fields kick lately. The rest of the tracks on the mix straddle a line between machine music and organic grooves.

Quick Mix Vol. 1


1. !!! - "Take Ecstasy With Me"
2. Osborne - "Afrika"
3. Henrik Schwarz - "Leave My Head Alone Brain (Mix 2)"
4. Simian Mobile Disco - "The Count"
5. Black Leotard Front - "Casual Friday (Inst.)"