Crawling & flying

The great techno column that Philip Sherburne writes for Pitchfork has lately been charting a new strain of psychedelic house music, dubbed "ketamine house" for the woozy and disorienting walls of sound that spiral through tracks produced by the likes of Dominik Eulberg (above) and James Holden. The second disc of the new compilation Kreucht & Fleucht, mixed by Eulberg, is the best document of the new sound:

Steve Barnes - "Cosmic Sandwich (Dominik Eulberg Remix)"
Andre Kraml - "Safari (Holden Remix)"

The first disc, Kreucht, is less shock-of-the-new but it still sports a few great tunes, including the ominous Mathew Jonson track from Kompakt's Speicher series and John Tejada's "Paranoia," a sequel of sorts to the massive "Sweat (On the Walls)."

Mathew Jonson & the Mole - "Dirt Road and a Boat From Soundwave"
John Tejada - "Paranoia"

Kreucht & Fleucht is out on Mischwald.