Best of '05

Click over to Neumu.net and check out my top albums, singles and live shows of the year. Yeah it's list-making season again.

Also, I'm not running out of disc space as fast as I thought I would so I reposted my Alleys of Your Mind mix from November. As long as my storage holds up I'll keep up the mixes and just rotate the mp3's.

And here's another free mix online -- Stones Throw has a cool "beat the bootlegs" feature on their site where they post up mp3's of unauthorized CD's people are trying to sell. Current installment is Madlib Live at Chocolate City, a radio set he did for KCRW in 2001 featuring a lot of '70s fusion jazz and a little hip-hop. This has been kicking around the web for a few years and a lot of people have probably heard it already .... but even so, it's nice to have a tracklist for it.

Oh and I almost forgot: Optimo Tropicalia mix!