Dancing in a disco

My relative lack of disco knowledge is gonna show on this post. Ganymed? Who the hell are these guys, and why are they dressed like alien muppets? "Future World" showed up on Bumrocks back in September ... on my holiday trip home to St. Louis I dug up a copy in this dude's huge basement full of rekkids (thanks to my man Brian for setting that up, hope to make many return visits!). At times it skates the line between noodly mellow goodness and E-Z listening badness, but I like it. What can I say, I'm feeling the disco right now.

Ganymed - "Future World"

This one could be a party rocker -- everyone thinks you're playing Queen until Sugar Daddy busts out with his old-schoolisms (which were brand-new-school in 1980 of course). Fans of extended metaphors will dig his long list of the wackness that would ensue if Sugar Daddy left the rap game. "It's like Rocky II without the glove!"

Sugar Daddy - "Another One Bites the Dust (Rap)"

Was a bit worried when I noticed that this LP had been "remixed" in a "continuous disco format," but it seems they let the songs play out to their full length ... and if the tracks are different from the originals, well, they still sound hot. Perhaps best known for his 15-minute extended remix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love," Patrick Cowley followed the path of Moroder and blazed his own synth-disco trails until his death from AIDS in 1982 (this greatest hits album came out posthumously, in 1983). Viva la vocoder.

Patrick Cowley - "Megatron Man"