Giving you the bizness

Best retro fetish object since Kerrier District? In fact, Franciso's Music Business might be even better than Vibert's ode to disco. Start with the genius cover art (it folds out into a "Music Business" board game -- "Drugs. Lawyer. Lose 2 Turns."), and proceed on to track after track of Italo madness laced with all the whiz-bang 2005 production tricks. If you're into Lindstrom et. al. you definitely need this record. ("Moon Roller" comes right after track-of-the-year candidate "I Feel Space" on Body Language Vol. 1). So tasty. Out on Rome's Nature Records, and just now hitting the U.S. in quantity from what I can tell (it's been out in Europe for a while now).

Francisco - "Moon Roller"

Francisco - "Disco Way"