Swamp thing

Hadn't really kept up with Mr. Quintron since his days of playing nine songs with the Oblivians, so when I saw a track of his pop up on the playlist at Our Disco I had to wonder what that would sound like. Like this!! --

Quintron - "Witch in the Club"

Throw in one from that Oblivians record for good measure --

Oblivians and Mr. Quintron - "Live the Life"

Quintron and Miss Pussycat's web site is your one-stop shop for Swamp Tech and its companion DVD puppet show, Electric Swamp. I just typed the words companion DVD puppet show, wow. They're also from New Orleans and shot a bunch of hurricane damage photos around the Spellcaster Lodge, their house in the 9th Ward. Damn man even Drum Buddy gets his own web site? These guys are hooked up.