Electro-shock for president

Don't have much time to post but I wanted to leave you with something to propel your weekend. First off, I just noticed that DFA has posted these James Murphy and Juan Maclean BBC radio mixes for free download -- if you haven't heard these, go grab 'em. They were released as a super-limited three-disc set in December. Everything from the Bee Gees to ... well, to this.

Six Finger Satellite - "Rabies (Baby's Got The)"

Six Finger has been getting nuff props lately because of their Murphy/Maclean associations, but who will step up to spark the Brainiac revival?!? These guys were way ahead of their time on the distorto-electro-spazzy-dance shit .... they had me drunk and dancing back when I was a non-dancing college-radio dork .... if they were around today, they would destroy. Tim Taylor, R.I.P.

Brainiac - "Vincent Come On Down"

Edit: Yes, as opposed to today, when I am an ex-college-radio dork who occasionally dances.