From the stacks #2 - Eazy duz it

In 2006, don't forget to keep it mellow. Here's some easy-listening funk and Moog madness from the 33/45 vaults. Happy new year, everybody.

Mystic Moods, Awakening (Soundbird 1973)

Mystic Moods - "Cosmic Sea"

Ferrante & Teicher, In a Soulful Mood (United Artists 1974)

Ferrante & Teicher - "Christo Redentor"

Ferrante & Teicher - "Hong Kong Soul Brother"

Gershon Kingsley, Gershwin: Alive & Well & Underground (Avco Embassy 1970)

Gershon Kingsley - "Summertime"

Gershon Kingsley - "It Ain't Necessarily So"

Esquivel, Latin-Esque (RCA Victor 1962)

"Stereo Action: The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow!"

Esquivel - "Latin-Esque"

Esquivel - "Mucha Muchacha"

The Free Design, Kites Are Fun (Project 3 1967)

The Free Design - "Kites Are Fun"

The Free Design - "Umbrellas"