Lost in the groove

This is sick . . .

Concluding my little dance-music extravaganza, here are two of my favorite tunes from earlier in 2005 before I was doing the site. First up, Solid Groove's "This Is Sick" -- like Soho's "Hot Music," it's one of those uncategorizable tracks that appeals to everyone, whether you're on the hip-hop / global pop side of things like Ayres and Diplo, or coming from the house end like Ewan Pearson. Backward vocals, loungey swirls and yes, SICK pulsing bass: It seems like producer Dave Taylor just threw everything at the wall, but it comes together perfectly.

Solid Groove - "This Is Sick"

Don't know much about Poni Hoax and "Budapest" except that it's on Tigersushi and, pardon my french, it sounds like fucking. I mean we're talking Budapest as in sex capital of Europe, lost weekend with Rocco Siffredi's camera crew Budapest. (Nah, I ain't linking Rocco, you can find out yerself.)

Poni Hoax - "Budapest"

p.s. Obviously this post has nothing to do with Lost. I'm just glad it's back. Have a great weekend.