More machines

I tried my best to fit this on the Dead Machines mix but it wasn't working, so here it is a la carte. Gothic Dutch alt-rock on 4AD circa 1985.

Xymox - "7th Time"

Love the back cover of this Ryuichi Sakamoto album from 1978 -- it lists every synthesizer in exacting detail, then breaks down his outfit. "R.S. wears: Jacket by Giorgio Armani; Shirt, Tie and Belt by Bricks; Levis 501 Jeans. Shoes - 'Zapata' by Manolo Blahnik." The designer '80s came a couple years early for him I guess. Ahead of his time on all fronts.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Plastic Bamboo"

Edit: I guess the center labels of my LP are on the wrong sides, I originally listed this song as "Island of Woods" (track 2 on side A), but someone in the comments pointed out that it is "Plastic Bamboo" (track 2 on side B). Whoops.