22 outfits and a mic check

I just realized I have put almost NO hip-hop on here since I started the site. We are going to remedy that situation .... to start it off, here's some bootleg remixes by Madlib. Turntablelab used to carry these ... I don't know if they're still in stock, but they've got a search engine now so there's no excuse not to go and check. Vol. 2 ("1980s Saturday Morning Edition: All Samples 1977-1982") is especially hot -- all roller-skater disco jams and fluffy Cloud One funk.

Cappadonna - "Slang Editorial (Madlib Remix)"

Jadakiss - "Put Ya Hands Up (Madlib Remix)"

p.s. Mix of the month will come a little later this month, but it's in the works ...

p.p.s. Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar was genius. (Nice headline, Associated Press: "Rappers steal statue." Sigh.)