Debris slide

I try not to repost stuff I've gotten on other blogs (even though it's a pretty big chunk of my listening nowadays), but sometimes I can't help myself. These tracks are from Debris' Static Disposal, snotty proto-punk from 1976, self-released by some guys from Oklahoma. Think Rocket From the Tombs, post-Stooges, early Roxy, pre-Flipper .... great stuff. Found on Insect and Individual, a blog dedicated to exploring the Nurse With Wound list, the rundown of underground and experimental sounds that was inserted into the first two NWW albums and became sort of a holy grail for collectors. The blog ground to a halt in February, but the files are uploaded onto Rapidshare so they don't expire. Go poke around ... hopefully the site will start back up again.

Debris - "Tricia"

Debris - "Boyfriend"

Debris also reminds of current Pennsylvania wastoids Pissed Jeans, who just signed to Sub Pop. I finally got off my ass and mail-ordered their debut, Shallow, which I had been looking for ever since this rave appeared in Dusted, but it never showed up at my usual haunts ...

Pissed Jeans - "Closet Marine"