Disco leftovers

As promised, here are a couple of tunes that didn't make the cut for the disco mix. When I first conceived of the mix, it was going to be -- for lack of a better word -- pretty cheesy. In the end I threw in more modern stuff and went in more of a spacey direction. So here are some of the ones that got away. The two Reflection Records cuts (by L'Ectrique and Denie Corbett) have amazing percussion breaks with phased-out bass lines, and hey, some people even claim to like the vocals! Likewise, the buildup at the beginning of "Simbora" is my favorite part of the track. Just be forewarned, if you checked out the mix and couldn't get past "Cosmic Wind," this post is not for you ....

L'Ectrique - "Struck By Boogie Lightning"

Denie Corbett - "What You Won't Do For Love"

Simbora Orchestra - "Simbora"