Afrirampo is Oni and Pika from Japan .... there's nothing I can say about their sound that can top this profile from their website so I'm just gonna let er rip:

2 young Japanese girls rock duo from Osaka JAPAN!
Naked rock!!!!! Naked soul!!! Red red strong red dress!! Freeeeeeeeedam
paradice rock! Jump! With improvisation.
Sooo fantastic & wild performance !

Their latest record is a collaboration with Acid Mothers Temple, but these tracks are from their self-titled mini-album from 2004, on Gyuune Cassette. They've also recorded for John Zorn's label, Tzadik.

Parts of these songs sound like they're being made up as they go along, but when they start snowballing downhill (like on the last 3 minutes of Track 5), get the fuck out the way. Apologies for my inability to post the titles in Japanese characters.

Afrirampo - "Track 1"

Afrirampo - "Track 5"