Woofers in my jeep

Masta Ace Incorporated, Slaughtahouse 12" (Delicious Vinyl 1993)
Subterranean bass, the "Funky Worm" and too many quotables. Too bad the 12" has a radio edit, but it's only mildly annoying.

Masta Ace Incorporated - "Born to Roll (Jeep Ass ... Remix)"

Bwana, Bwana (Caytronics 1972)
Man, even Wax Poetics has an audioblog now? Too much to keep up with nowadays. The "Re:Discovery" column way back in issue #1 spurred me to search out this slab of Latin acid funk rock, and it doesn't disappoint.

Bwana - "La Jurumba"

Bwana - "La Patuda"