Tiga, Good as Gold 12" (PIAS 2006)
Great single from Montreal's Tiga, teamed up with Soulwax on production -- love that siren/squiggle thing. Morgan Geist remix on side B.

Tiga - "Good as Gold"

Uhu, Constellation Mixes 12" (Interational Deejay Gigolo 2005)
Another wtf-genre-is-this type record. Pitchfork called it space disco but to me "Jupiter Family" is almost like Blade Runner music and "Kinetic Energy" is on some Belgian new beat slooowwwed-down Logic System style.

Uhu - "Kinetic Energy"

Jona, The Learnings 12" (Get Physical 2006)
Interlocking guitar patterns give texture to this lush house workout on Get Physical ... maybe a kindred spirit to Isolee Wearemonster ... ?

Jona - "Full Pool"