Dark clouds and sun

The Bar-Kays, Cold Blooded (Volt 1973)
Vocal effects give a menacing edge to this Sly-influenced track by Otis Redding's onetime backing band.

Edit: My friend =dan= points out that that last phrase is a little off, since four members of the original Bar-Kays died in the 1967 plane crash with Otis. Duly noted ...

The Bar-Kays - "Waiting and Hating"

Rasputin Stash, Rasputin Stash (Gemigo 1974)
Instead of nasty funk these guys are on more of a loverman trip for most of their self-titled LP. But check out the climax on "Ooh Baby."

Rasputin Stash - "Ooh Baby"

Rasputin Stash - "The Devil Made Me Do It"

If you're feeling like the narrator in the Bar-Kays song, my prescription is to put on this 1981 R&B/disco groover by Rene & Angela ...

Rene & Angela - "I Love You More"