Spread Love Pt. 1

I've been planning on doing some posts about Love for a while now, and while I was working on it, sad circumstances arose: Arthur Lee was diagnosed with leukemia, and like many musicians does not have any health insurance. According to news reports his prognosis is good, and a benefit concert is planned in L.A.

Love, Da Capo (Elektra 1967) [Buy it]
I don't have the first, self-titled Love album; apparently it sounds a lot like the Byrds. By the time of Da Capo they had added churning, Count Five-style garage rock to their repertoire.

Love - "Seven & Seven Is"

Love, Forever Changes (Elektra 1967) [Buy it]
The masterpiece. An evolutionary leap over Da Capo (did these really come out in the same year?), and the swan song for the classic lineup of Love, which continued on with a rotating cast and Lee as the leader. Combines folk, rock, psychedelia, a string section and amazing songwriting. "Alone Again Or" is the most well-known song from Forever Changes but I've always found "The Daily Planet" inspiring.

Love - "The Daily Planet"

More to come ....