Get on the funk train

BT Express, Non-Stop (Roadshow 1975)
I slightly prefer their harder funk but the key words on the back of this LP are: Special thanks to Tom Moulton for his disco mix. I'm coveting that new Soul Jazz collection but I haven't sprung for it yet.

BT Express - "Peace Pipe"

Tim Sweeney edit of Garage classic on secret squirrel re-edit 12" put out by igetrvng. Both sides are amazing, get the vinyl.

The Flying Squad - "Trip One"

Secret squirrel pt. 2 -- you'll just have to listen through the intro to this DJ Spun re-edit before you get to the vocals and hear whodunnit (the original track, that is). Total bumrocks / rub N tug vibe on this one.

DJ Spun - "Late ..."