Laid back

Bill Conti, Rocky: Original Motion Picture Score (Capitol 1977)
Dan-o suggested I put this one up, for the summery heat-hazy atmosphere and the "Summer Madness" rising synth line. Great track. It's also the B-side to "Gonna Fly Now" on 45 if you run across that one.

Bill Conti - "Reflections"

Francoise Hardy, Star (Peters International 1977)
Much of this album is devoted to Hardy's acoustic French folk, but the more complicated arrangement and instrumentation on "Enregistrement," written by Serge Gainsbourg, gives it that trademark proto-Stereolab vibe.

Francoise Hardy - "Enregistrement"

Speaking of Serge, I recently ran across this great footage of "Requiem Pour Un Con," first posted a few months ago on the Monkeyfunk blog. YouTube is the best. Edit: Oops, it seems Serge is gone ....