Music like dirt

I try not to ambulance-chase every musician who dies and post their stuff, cuz I think it's a little crass .... but when a legend like Desmond Dekker goes, it'd be wrong not to take notice. Credited with the first international reggae hit for "Israelites," his catalog is full of soulful, melodic, brilliant tunes like "007" (used in The Harder They Come), "Intensified Festival 68" (written for an annual Jamaican music competition, which he won), "Pickney Gal," "Rude Boy Train" ....

At first I was bummed that his own official website still says "TO BOOK DESMOND DEKKER CLICK HERE," until I realized how cool it was that after 40 years he was still touring, with dates scheduled all summer. Some reports are saying he died onstage during a soundcheck, likely of a heart attack. RIP.

Edit: That last bit turned out not to be accurate, Dekker passed away at home. Here is the New York Times obit.

Rockin' Steady: The Best of Desmond Dekker (Rhino 1992) [Buy it]

Desmond Dekker - "Intensified Festival 68"

Desmond Dekker - "Pickney Gal"

The Harder They Come Soundtrack (Mango 1972)

Desmond Dekker - "007 (Shanty Town)"