Odds and ends and curves and nerves

  • The Hold Steady are on Myspace now, with a couple of remixes and the (prev. unreleased?) track "Curves and Nerves" available for download. Important lyrical developments re: Charlemagne. Their third full-length comes out in the fall, new songs sounded great live this spring at Warsaw.

    The Hold Steady - "Curves and Nerves"

  • Good DJ lineup at Capone's in Williamsburg on 7/15 -- Todd Terje with Bumrocks and Tropical Computer System. Earlier that day Terje spins at PS1's Warm Up.

  • New Nas track ("Where Ya'll At") over at Soul Sides is worth a listen, with a low-key flow over an abstract Minnie Riperton loop. The bassline sounds like a slowed-down version of ESG's "UFO."

  • Been meaning to mention this Mae Shi dvd Lock the Skull Load the Gun and by the time I get to it the band is shedding members and searching for a singer. More than 30 videos, some budget and some not, sometimes multiple vids for one song (wtf?), plus a tour movie and other shtuff. Here's the trailer: