Budget rock showcase

For a while in the '90s I ate slept and breathed garage rock, but my attention has gone off in other directions .... if you know some current records in this style that are killer, leave em in the comments. More to come in a subsequent post (including some Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts. for the guy who wanted "more Cleveland") ....

Oblivians, Popular Favorites (Crypt 1996)

Oblivians - "The Leather"

Oblivians - "Strong Come On"

The Mummies, Never Been Caught (Telstar 1992)

The Mummies - "Stronger Than Dirt"

The Mummies - "The Frisko Freeze"

Supercharger, Supercharger (Radio X 1991/Estrus 1997)
The Mummies LP told me to dig up Supercharger because it "fucking rules over this crap." So I did ....

Supercharger - "Zodiac"

Supercharger - "You Put the Hex on Me"