Dollar bin diving #3

Chuck Mangione, Friends and Love (Mercury 1970)
Soft in the middle but the beginning and end of this are tuff.

Chuck Mangione - "Hill Where the Lord Hides"

Florante, Mga Tula at Awitin ni Florante (Jem 1977)
Found this Filipino folk-rock album at a Virginia Beach yard sale.

Florante - "Ibon"

Frank Comstock, Project: Comstock - Music From Outer Space (Warner Bros. 1962)
"The music of whirling satellites, brilliant galaxies, streaming comets, mysterious planets, and the eerie reaches of space in between."

Frank Comstock - "On the Dark Side of the Moon"

Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band, Delirium in Hi-Fi (Columbia 1959)
Somehow this strange instrumental LP by composer Andre Popp and sound-effects whiz Pierre Fatosme wound up at a thrift store in the middle of nowhere in rural Oklahoma. With descriptions on the back like "Invention of False Instruments," "Unplayable and Unsingable Parts Recorded," and "Turning Voices Inside Out," how could I not pick it up? (In reality, the music doesn't quite live up to that billing as far as weirdness.)

Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band - "La Polka du Colonel"