There are other worlds ...

Sun Ra, Lanquidity (Philly Jazz 1978)
One of the funkier (as opposed to freakier) transmissions from Saturn.

Sun Ra - "Twin Stars of Thence"

Stark Reality, Now (Stones Throw 2003)
Mutant funky jazz combo on overdrive, led by vibraphonist Monty Stark. Originally released in 1970 and resurrected by Stones Throw.

Stark Reality - "Dreams"

Robin Kenyatta, Girl From Martinique (ECM 1973)
My copy of this record is crackly and staticky with a warped and water-damaged cover, but it just adds to the music's strange aura. Abstract playing lurches effortlessly into a groove and back out into shapelessness.

Robin Kenyatta - "Girl From Martinique"