Do they wobble to and fro

Excepter, Alternation (5RC 2006)
Your ears, that is. I'm mellllllttinnnnng ....

Recorded half in the studio, half live to tape at Cake Shop, Jeff Street, and Northsix. (I was at the show where "Lypse" was recorded, an opening slot for Yura Yura Teikoku .... what felt shapeless, nameless, aimless in person reads a lot differently when it's locked into the repeatable form of an "album" ... )

Playing live 8/19 at East River Amphitheater. Out on 5 Rue Christine.

Excepter - "Ice Cream Van"

Excepter, KA (Fusetron 2003)
These guys were never as noisy / aggressive as Wolf Eyes but I engage with their music in a similar way -- sometimes it sounds jumbled and unapproachable, others I tune in and it makes perfect sense (kinda scary).

Excepter - "Be Beyond Me"

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