Pool party

Blood on the Wall / Sonic Youth / Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 8-11-06, McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn
Thanks to JT for the photos.

We love the jams

Kim danced a lot

Good old-fashioned guitar abuse

T: I don't need to introduce this guy to you but this is Mark Ibold. He just moved to Brooklyn. [cheers]
T: Queens, he just moved to Queens. The other borough. Hey, someone's gotta do it.
K: This song is dedicated to awesome Queens.
["Jams Run Free" under perfect summer sunshine]

Unfortunately I missed Blood on the Wall and Awesome Color ... I trust they rocked the house. The pool was a cool venue, plenty of room to wander around, great sound, good sightlines from everywhere. Plenty of Brooklyn beer. Yeah Yeah Yeahs were surprisingly awesome live so I decided to go back for day two on Saturday and was glad I did -- they ended up swapping and giving SY the headliner spot. Set was a little longer, and heavier on the classics: "Teenage Riot," "Eric's Trip," "100%." (Although we got "Catholic Block" and "The World Looks Red" on Friday and "Shaking Hell" both nights.) Pretty much made my summer.