The Only Ones, The Peel Sessions Album (Strange Fruit 1989)
I love Special View but the immediacy and raw production of these BBC sessions from 1977-80 give Peter Perrett's songs an extra boost.

The Only Ones - "Another Girl, Another Planet"

The Only Ones - "Miles From Nowhere"

The Remains, A Session With the Remains (Sundazed 1996)
According to the liner notes for this mid-'90s excavation of forgotten '60s rockers the Remains, the songs come from an audition tape they cut live at the Capitol Records offices in a failed attempt to get a record deal. (They released a few singles on Epic but ultimately never put out an album.) They had gigs until 4 a.m. and the audition was at 9 the next morning -- couldn't have been a pretty sight but these tracks would get anybody's eyes peeled open.

The Remains - "Why Do I Cry"

The Remains - "I'm a Man"