About time

In November, Domino puts out the first U.S. release by early '80s "Sound of Young Scotland" torch-bearers Josef K, the compilation Entomology. My interest was piqued after these guys (along with Postcard labelmates Orange Juice) got namechecked in every other Franz Ferdinand record review, so it's a treat to hear this stuff. "Chance Meeting" is my early favorite, feels similar to R.E.M. circa Murmur and Chronic Town -- great melody, fast-strummed guitars, but still melancholy and minor-key. That wistfulness runs through nearly all their songs, most obviously in a track like "It's Kinda Funny" but even in the dancier, Talking Heads-inspired tracks.

Josef K - "Chance Meeting"

Josef K - "It's Kinda Funny"

Video for "Chance Meeting," pretty cool despite the hissy audio.