Psychic jewelry

Psychic Ills' full-length Dins was one of my favorites of late 05 / early 06. The forthcoming Early Violence collects the vinyl-only Mental Violence I 7" and Mental Violence II: Diamond CIty 12" along with some odds and ends and unreleased tracks (inc. the woozy keyboard-based "Red-Split," debuted in Galactic Zoo Dossier mag and currently up on the Ills' myspace). Some of this material is pretty demo-ish, with an early two-man drum machine lineup, but they quickly tune in on the murky feedback fog and circular rhythms heard on the later LP. Some of the best tracks on Early Violence sit somewhere between the two.

Psychic Ills - "4AM"

Out on tour this winter with another current fave of mine, Indian Jewelry (Knitting Factory 12/16).

Indian Jewelry - "Come Closer"