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Finally got my LP's unpacked after my move = posts will get more frequent again. They're not alphabetized yet = things may be even more random than usual ...

Bo Hansson, Lord of the Rings (Charisma 1972)
Tough to pick just a couple off of here, the whole thing is a great listen. (I already used "Leaving Shire" on my Distant Universe mix a while back.) Bo Hansson is an organist and keyboard player from Sweden who started out making rock records and then shifted into moody prog epics like Lord of the Rings. I love the way it keeps returning to certain themes throughout the album, giving it the feel of a true soundtrack like La Planete Sauvage. Just a guess but I think the guys from Dungen must have this album constantly on blast.

Bo Hansson - "The Black Riders / Flight to the Ford"

Bo Hansson - "Lothlorien / Shadowfax"