First of January, here we go

Another year, another show. Thanks to everyone who stopped in, listened or commented in the past year ... all 85,000+ of you. I know some music sites get that much traffic in an afternoon but I didn't think that many people would be interested in my random mish-mash of space rock, funk and old disco records. Keep coming back!

"Darts" is really one of my favorites from 2005 but it's about to come back out in Feb. 2007 on Imagine the Shapes, a CD from NYC's What's Your Rupture? label combining four vinyl-only releases from bands that have made a lot of noise in 2006 -- the Long Blondes, cause co-Motion, Love Is All, and veterans Comet Gain.

Long Blondes - "Darts"

Comet Gain - "Mainlining Mystery"

p.s. RIP, Godfather. What more is there to say.