The Beach Boys + Fleetwood Mac

Classic rock for cold weather. Yep it's true, the Beach Boys make for ideal listening year-round -- 1960s in the summer, 1970s in the winter. (What do you think they all grew beards for?)

The Beach Boys, Sunflower (Brother 1970)
"All I Wanna Do" is wonderful effects-drenched melancholy. And for Valentine's Day sentiment you could do a lot worse than "Slip On Through."

The Beach Boys - "All I Wanna Do"

The Beach Boys - "Slip On Through"

The Beach Boys, Holland (Brother 1972)

The Beach Boys - "Sail On, Sailor"

The Beach Boys - "Steamboat"

Fleetwood Mac, Bare Trees (Warner Bros. 1972)
I gotta admit, I'm a recent convert to the Mac. (See also: Fairport Convention.) There is some sick guitar playing on this record!

Fleetwood Mac - "Danny's Chant"

Fleetwood Mac - "Bare Trees"