The Glimmers

Well, Lindstrom was pretty fun .... he played some good stuff, although it never took on much momentum. People seemed like they wanted to really go off but his set was all build-up, not many peaks. ("I Feel Space" served the purpose I guess -- filled the floor and got the most strobe-lighting -- but even that's a pretty slow-burning track, huge hit or no.)

Biggest reaction during the rest of the night was for "Show Me Love". I haven't decided if that's awesome or kinda sad.

Already got my tix for Optimo, naturally ... less than two weeks, people!

The Glimmers, FabricLive 31 (Fabric 2006)
Meanwhile I've been listening to this mix by the Glimmers from Belgium ... kicks off with a ravey rework of Roxy Music into 1979 postpunk by Fingerprintz (and you can hear the now ubiquitous "Things That Dreams Are Made Of" by Human League coming in on the end). A couple of these tracks I could have stood not to hear again so soon ("Disco Infiltrator," really?), but it's a fun party mix. Love the Pierre Henry track near the end.

Fingerprintz - "Wet Job"

Pierre Henry - "Too Fortiche"