McNeal & Niles + Les Crane + Eddie Harris

McNeal & Niles, Thrust (Chocolate Industries 2004)
This moody, funky LP from 1979 (self-pressed in a generic sleeve and promptly forgotten) was rediscovered and reissued .... I'd call it accidental genius but the more I listen to this record the more it sounds like they know exactly what they're doing. Good one to put on first thing in the morning.

McNeal & Niles - "Quiet Isle"

Les Crane, Desiderata (Warner Bros. 1971)
This prose poem was an unlikely hit for Crane, a DJ and late-night talk show host (his show ran opposite Johnny Carson's). Sounds like a mix of Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Soul Zodiac and a self-help book .... plus some sick drum breaks.

Les Crane - "Friends"

Les Crane - "Courage (Eyes That See)"

Eddie Harris, Instant Death (Atlantic 1972)
C'mon, plug me in.

Eddie Harris - "Superfluous"

Eddie Harris - "Zambezi Dance"