Panda Bear + Antifamily

Great clip of the Animal Collective's Panda Bear doing "Bro's" from his forthcoming Person Pitch, out in March on Paw Tracks. It's a beautiful record .... poppy and fun but still very skewed ... with echoes big enough to live in. I think this is the cover:

Also sweet is the epic "Good Girl" / "Carrots" on Panda's split 12" with Excepter (ya rly). Nearly 13 mins. of sunny tribal electronic pop reggae, so nice.

Panda Bear - "Good Girl (excerpt)"

Antifamily, Antifamily (Difficult Fun 2006)
The only thing rivalling PB in my rotation right now is the first full-length from U.K. collective Antifamily, out on Difficult Fun. Spare, rhythmic, political postpunk with clear roots in the '70s avant garde -- the back cover even seems to nick This Heat's blue and yellow color scheme.

Antifamily - "I of the Law"