Wierd Records + Forbidden Planet

Various Artists, Wierd Compilation (Wierd Records 2006)
One of those "where the fuck did all this come from" type of albums (guess I missed some good parties). "Since 2003 WIERD has been dedicated to featuring live performances by bands and DJs working within the worlds of Coldwave, Minimal Synth, Gothic, Darkwave, EBM, Industrial Dance, Electro, Apocalyptic Folk, and Postpunk" .... whether from New York, Chicago, Miami or overseas. Their first release is this epic comp. -- 3LP's plus a 7-inch and a 26-page photo book. Massive. (Limited to 1000 so act fast.) And yeah 2VM's Marc Houle is the "Bay of Figs"/M_nus Records guy ...

2VM - "Let's Play"

Opus Finis - "Scrying Formation"

Louis & Bebe Barron, Forbidden Planet OST (Planet Records 1956)

In scoring FORBIDDEN PLANET -- as in all our work -- we created individual cybernetic circuits for particular themes and leit motifs, rather than using standard sound generators. Actually, each circuit has a characteristic activity pattern as well as a "voice." ... We were delighted to hear people tell us that the Tonalities in FORBIDDEN PLANET remind them of what their dreams sound like.
-- Louis & Bebe Barron

Louis & Bebe Barron - "Forbidden Planet (excerpt)"
  1. "Main Titles - Overture"
  2. "Deceleration"
  3. "Once Around Altair"
  4. "The Landing"
  5. "Flurry of Dust - A Robot Approaches"