Blamma! Blamma!

I don't usually dig into the mailbag for material to post (surprise, most of it sux) but these Blamma! Blamma! guys from London have been hitting my inbox with some pretty rad tracks in the Justice / Sebastian / Digitalism twisted midrange zone so I gotta give it up. Good stuff. (Although I almost wish there was even less of the original vocals in the Maximo chop-up -- dude is annoying!) Two for the rock-and-roll techno kids.

Headland - "Love Hate (Blamma! Blamma! Morgasm Mix)"

Blamma! Blamma! vs. Maximo Park - "Terminal Velocity"

I've kinda been ignoring dance music on the site lately but I'll rectify that soon with a big mix of maximal minimal including new(ish) 12"s from Radioslave, DJ T, Riton, Jona, Prins Thomas and more. With the rise of digital stores like Beatport and Bleep etc. I don't feel like I can put 12" rips of new dance music on the site anymore in good conscience unless it's passed on to me for that purpose in mind, e.g. the Blamma! mixes, some of the RVNG stuff I've posted. (My original thinking was that a lot of dance music was vinyl-only, but in 2007 that doesn't wash.) So I'll try to do some mixes of some of my favorites more often. And you can always check my chart over at Tripwire, I keep it reasonably updated and a lot of that stuff never hits my site either out of laziness, the ethical reason stated above, or because the rest of the blogs got it covered. (I'd rather convert some more thrift-store LP's and stay out of the "exclusive!!!" ratrace thxverymuch. But that doesn't mean I'm not liking new stuff! So check the chart.)

Jeez, shut up already ...