Gino Soccio

Gino Soccio, Face to Face (Atlantic 1982)
Montreal disco-funk with some great pop hooks among the synthesized squiggles and stripped-down Moroder backbeats. "Remember" sounds like a pop song grafted on top of a Lindstrom production.

Gino Soccio - "Remember"

Gino Soccio - "Dream On"

Gino Soccio, S-Beat (Atlantic 1980)
Poppier than "Face to Face" and a little less Euro/spacey but still has some cool stuff. Love the proto-house vocals and siren synths on "Rhythm of the World."

Gino Soccio - "Rhythm of the World"

Gino Soccio - "S-Beat"

Bonus tube: "Dancer" (1979). Work it out, people.