Justine D

Justine D, Rvng Prsnts Mx5 (Rvng 2007)
Following on the heels of Tim Sweeney and Crazy Rhythms (Dan Selzer / Mike Simonetti), New York nightlife's Justine D graces Rvng with a great mix. It's not so much a dance set as a "listening" mix that veers into dance territory, sort of like Psyche Out (Mx5 was recorded at Twitch's studio in Glasgow) ... touching on pop with the Cars and Hot Chip, the synthscapes of Fripp & Eno / Delia & Gavin, "Little Fluffy Clouds," Crass, Christian Death ... all over the place but never jarring. I'm posting the full version of MBV's "Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" off the not-so-secret GDM Vol. 6; head over to the Rvng site to hear the blend into Shocking Blue's "Acka Raga" along with some other excerpts from the mix.

My Bloody Valentine - "Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)"

Justine D - "Nation (Death in June) / Suspiria (Goblin)"