Cerrone + Loleatta Holloway

I knew Cerrone was supposed to have some good tunes, but side 1 of this album contains some of the baddest disco music ever. I heard this out once (Tim Sweeney played it before Lindstrom came on, it slayed) and at the time I thought it was Goldfrapp ... whoops. Hey they only named their album after it and used it as entrance music in their concerts, I got confused. Just goes to show how modern it sounds. The lyrics are super-dark! Perversions of science create beasts who take their revenge .... see creepy-as-fuck album cover for further illumination. Wow.

These tracks run together on the LP so I ripped them all as one file:

Cerrone - "Supernature / Sweet Drums / In the Smoke"

Loleatta Holloway, "Hit and Run" / "We Keep Getting Stronger" (Gold Mind 12")
The fuzz guitar, the vocals, echoes, drums, keyboards ... an 11-minute tour de force of disco soul. Thank you Walter Gibbons. (Some interesting info at that link, I didn't know he not only mixed "Set It Off" by Strafe, he put out the record on his own label ...)

Loleatta Holloway - "Hit and Run (Disco Mix)"