Foxy, "Hot Number" 12" (T.K. 1979)
Title track is actually my least favorite on this smooth 12" from T.K. house band Foxy. "Call It Love" is perfect chillout material and "Give Me a Break" more than lives up to its title.

Foxy - "Call It Love"

Foxy - "Give Me a Break"

If you're in New York on Friday, this looks great ...

Party with Music For Robots and Slap You in Public (who has a new Curses!-related track posted up right now ... and try to hunt down "What I Need," so much fun). These guys have been putting on some great stuff lately -- DJ Kaos and Escort, Jacques Renault ... can't believe I haven't made it out for one of these yet :( The curse of nyc, too much to do ...