Mock & Toof + Ellen Allien + Studio

Mock & Toof, Digit 1, 2 & 3 12" (RVNG 2007)
Latest 12 from RVNG serves up a so-so Wire edit followed by two essential tracks, an 8-minute cosmic afro-beat excursion and this major Southern boogie space jam. Anyone know what this is?? It's like riiiight on the tip of my brain.

Edit: Ha, no it wasn't. But mystery solved, check the comments.

Mock & Toof - "Digit 2"

Ellen Allien, Fabric 34 (Fabric 2007)
Latest Fabric mix wins me over right away with "The Sun Can't Compare," the best vocal house song in ages (from the master Larry Heard). But really more of the mix feels like Roman Flugel's "Mutter," brooding dark textures shot through with flashes of color. (Or like the cover art, flashes of no color.) Tracks that aren't "minimal anthems" ... they creep lower to the ground.

Larry Heard Presents Mr. White - "The Sun Can't Compare"

Roman Flugel - "Mutter"

Studio, Life's a Beach! 12" (Information 2007)
This 12" is going to make me delve back into Studio's West Coast album, I feel like I "get it" now. Lush summery tracks from Sweden remixed by Todd Terje and Prins Thomas.

Studio - "Life's a Beach! (Todd Terje's Beach House Mix)"