Ewan Pearson + Optimo + The Subs

Ewan Pearson, Fabric 35 (Fabric 2007)
Pearson's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi._01 for Soma was a big hit with me in '06. His new one for Fabric is a little darker, less shiny sparkly, slightly less vocal driven (although I could use more of the Prince / house vocals of Snax and less of Jahcoozi's "Ali McBills," which starts the mix). I still don't know how he got Liquid Liquid's "Bellhead" to fit in with all this brand newish stuff but it works great. After some warehouse type chaos from Samuel L. Sessions' "Can You Relate" the mix gears down with Kaos' Panopeeps" and into the Carl Craig remix of Beanfield.

Snax - "Honeymoon's Over (Konrad Black Mix)"

Kaos - "Panopeeps"

Optimo, Walkabout (Mule 2006)
I let my expectations get the better of me on this one -- no it's not Kill the DJ or Psyche Out but this Japan-only mix by Optimo's JG Wilkes is deeeep, dudes. On first listen it almost sounded monochromatic ... but as the songs wormed their way in my head I started to appreciate the way it bends source material as disparate as TG, Boris, Suicide, Pan Sonic and Marc Houle into a singular mind trip.

Like a Tim - "Aibe Stracie"

Suicide - "Radiation"

Bonus beat: Nasty, nasty electro single from Belgium's The Subs. Can't decide which is dirtier - the hook or the head-twisting analog fx. Get the fuck up and dance.

The Subs - "Fuck That Shit"