The Budos Band + Ray Barretto

The Budos Band, The Budos Band II (Daptone 2007)
Wicked instrumental soul from Staten Island. They're playing Joe's Pub on Aug. 9.

The Budos Band - "Budos Rising"

Ray Barretto, Acid (Fania 1968)
A few weeks ago we were playing a big dance in the Bronx, Ray sat down and took a conga drum solo. He played and played, and a finger on his right hand began to bleed but he didn't notice because he was playing with his eyes closed. The blood was running from his finger onto the conga, but he kept playing. When he was through and the audience was applauding him, he looked and said "I cut myself," and I said to him, "Now again you are Ray Barretto, the Ray of six years ago."
-- Pete Bonet, Acid liner notes

Ray Barretto - "Acid"

Ray Barretto - "The Soul Drummers"