Sarolta Zalatnay + Igor Wakhevitch + Babe Ruth

Sarolta Zalatnay, Sarolta Zalatnay (Finders Keepers 2007)
Andy Votel's reissue imprint brings Hungarian beat-freak heavy funky rock to the masses. Probably my favorite label right now (next on the want list: Selda).

Sarolta Zalatnay - "Hadd Mondjam El (with Skorpio)"

Igor Wakhevitch, Docteur Faust (EMI 1971)
Don't actually have the vinyl of this French composer's avant-rock opus .... but it's too good not to post ...

Igor Wakhevitch - "Materia Prima"

Babe Ruth, First Base (Harvest 1973)
"The Mexican" ain't the only song on this record ya know ...

Babe Ruth - "Wells Fargo"